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Mayor Bloomberg's love for kimchi

"New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has revealed that he is a kimchi lover.

His love for kimchi goes back several years. About six years ago, he visited KumGangSan Restaurant. "I visited this restaurant in Flushing to have a meal, but at that time I fell in love with kimchi while tasting kimchi."

Unlike general kimchi, kimchi developed by KumGangSan does not use red pepper powder and salted fish. After eating kimchi, this is to ensure that red pepper powder does not get stuck between your teeth and smells. Instead, lactic acid bacteria were added to taste fermented food. President Yoo called this kimchi 'New York Kimchi'.

President Yoo explained, "Not only the Mayor of Bloomberg, but also other Americans like New York Kimchi because there is no red pepper powder and no smell."