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frequently asked questions

Do you take custom orders?
Custom orders are always welcome. For all of our products, we are open to discussing custom orders for larger quantities. Please get in touch at

How do I stock your products?
If you would like any information regarding stocking our products email Please share your company website and desired products (if known).

Press inquiries?
Please direct all press inquiries to

Do you ship internationally?
Currently, we do not offer international shipping. We are in the planning process of accepting international orders, so stay tuned for more info!

Where is your kimchi manufactured?
We produce all of our products in our kimchi factory in New York. Every batch of kimchi we produce is made the day you place your order, so you can rest assure that it is fresh. We are committed to cleanliness and responsible production in all of our products.

Should I keep kimchi refrigerated?
Keeping a jar of kimchi refrigerated slows the fermentation of kimchi, while leaving a jar of kimchi out in room temperature naturally speeds up the ripening process. If you would like your kimchi more ripe, we suggest leaving it out in room temperature until you find your desired taste.

What is the shelf life of kimchi? How long will it last in the refrigerator?
The taste of kimchi will continue to change over time. The temperature and exposure to oxygen impact the flavor and fermentation of kimchi similar to wine or cheese. Our product is always made  fresh daily, so when it is delivered, it can be enjoyed for its fresh and vibrant flavors. Over time, kimchi will take on unique and distinct taste profiles of tangy notes while the spice mellows and develops into deeper characteristics. Generally, our kimchi will be delicious for up to 6 months and longer as long as you keep in the fridge.

Does your kimchi ever go bad?
Our kimchi continually ferments as it ages — so it never goes bad. Some people prefer the taste of unripened kimchi while others prefer ripe kimchi. It is all up to the individual based on their taste.

How should I eat kimchi?
As a versatile food item, kimchi is used in vast amounts of dishes. Various kimchi's are used as side-dishes and also incorporated into entrees. We always update our blog with new recipes, so check out our blog to browse our delicious ways of incorporating kimchi in everyday meals!

ALL of our kimchi's contain probiotics!
Probiotics are commonly known as friendly, good, or healthy bacteria. Our kimchi's contain beneficial bacteria that aid in maintaining the balance of microorganisms in our body and promote a healthy digestive system.